See this post for an explanation and an example. Calling GetResolution will retrieve that resolution string and also fill in any string arguments passed in. There is no documentation for FxCop so developing custom rules is a matter of trial and error. FxCop was developed by Microsoft and is available as a free download from their site. To that end, I am sharing, on the following pages, a number of custom rules I created to check VB6 applications that were converted to VB.

Its a legendary tool which helps us to automate code reviews. FxCop is not about ‘code review’ at all Sadadevguru 4-Nov 1: This tutorial seems really comprehensive. The following rule metadata can be defined in the RuleMetadata file. In FXCop under myrules i am not able to see the rules techinical Dec 6: I am one of the developers of the tool. Thanks for the great article.

7 Steps to Write Your Own Custom Rule using FXCOP – CodeProject

Nice keep it up. The below figure gives a visual outlook of rulfs FXCOP runs the rules on the assembly and then displays the broken rules in a different pane. This tutorial seems really comprehensive. FxCop has an extensive set of pre-defined rules.

writing custom rules for fxcop

I had the same problem check out your XML file, especially the type name. I have shown a actual example of code review in the above example. Sign up using Facebook.


Normally it is fine to leave this at the default implementation of TargetVisibilities.

writing custom rules for fxcop

Hi I am beginner. In FXCop under myrules i am not able to see the rules techinical Dec 6: At this point we have verified that our rule functions as expected. Indirectly, FxCop witing as a kind of code analysis tool. I knocked together a sample VS project that also fxckp be useful, since I couldn’t find any example projects http: If not, then we get the message of the connection.

Well now the pain can go away for everyone. Please refer to answer given by Rajesh KS.

How To Write Custom FxCop Rules

Pro Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Also, each rule must have its own node in the embedded XML file. I’m really looking for good resources and examples. Log in to Reply. Once FxCop has analyzed the assemblies, it reports any rule violations and produces well-formatted XML test reports.

This information can rulss be determined by examining the trace messages emitted by FxCopCmd to the console. To understand the concept of custom rule, we will take a practical example.


So click on the tab and select the necessary rules and hit analyze. The Following Code is Work Fine Now you rkles to debug your custom rules by simply hitting F5 from your custom rules project.

FxCop is not about ‘code review’ at all Thomas Weller 3-Nov So if you review that you are already revewing the code.

NET assemblies and gives a complete report about broken rules. This can be set to one of the following:. Footprints on the sand are not made by sitting at the shore.

Create Custom FxCop Rules

This blog explains how to implement your own static fxxcop analysis rules for analyzing your. And this matters a great big lot, when it comes to testing real world applications!

Microsoft didn’t ask him to do it, he just did it anyway. Or some other kind of compiler enhancement? Kent Boogaart Kent Boogaart k 32 There are a number of ways to do this.