A case study of mentoring and networking in the Australian Football League. Cheng, Jie The influence of fiber hybridisation on dynamic mechanical behavior of natural based composites. Marxist theories and the Australian evidence, Research Master thesis, University of Melbourne. Islamic community-based microfinance in Central Java.

Georgievski, Mladen Quality of service management for multimedia communications: Fleischl, Juliet Anne Developing continuing education curricula in a developing country: Galante, Rosa An investigation of subjective and objective sleepiness, performance and mood in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea and shift-workers. Michael, Ian Consumer behaviour in computer mediated environments: Hanlon, Clare Managing the pulsating effect in major sport event organisations.

Chugh, Ritesh Knowledge ubiquity through the transfer of tacit knowledge in Australian universities.

Alameer, Hasan Integrated framework for modelling the management of electronic waste in Saudi Arabia. Firth, Lucy Learning in industry, innovation and growth. Moynihan, Paul Knowledge-based SOA framework for improved supply chain integration and delivery.

Dick Reynolds and the Essendon Football Club, English, Carolyn J The experience of the menopause and climacteric of women in Australia from a non-English speaking background. Grubinger, Michael Analysis and evaluation of visual information systems performance.

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Basalama, Nonny English teachers in Indonesian senior high schools in Gorontalo: Fogarty, Sarah Understanding and treating eating disorders from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective. Cortese, Raimondo Hyperrealism and the everyday in creative practice: Davis, Daniel Personality in boys with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: Aldosari, Khalid Abdullah Saudisation in the hospitality theiss Agarwal, Nipun Selfishness, altruism and utility in everyday two-person random interactions: Mkiramweni, Nickson Sustainable wildlife tourism in the context of climate change: Adamek, Kirsty Osteopathic treatment for the symtomatic relief of meniere’s disease.


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Haveckin, Brian Information technology outsourcing by large Australian organisations. Bandara, Ajith An assessment of ethanol stress stress tolerance factors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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Jago, Leo Kenneth Special events and tourism behaviour: Differentiation Based on Relationships with Health and Functioning. A case study of the Kindergarten Cluster Management framework in Victoria. Research Master thesis, Victoria University of Technology. Bransgrove, Colin Vuq Strategic marketing and the tourism small business in Victoria. It also found a home in the hands of the burgeoning volunteer movements of Britain and New Zealand. Berangi, Reza Co-channel interference cancellation in mobile cellular communication systems.

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McArdle, Kristina Temporal, spatial and thematic analysis of special events in Victoria Other Degree thesis, Victoria Unversity. Aba Bulgu, Mohammed Financial crisis management: Buchan, Susan Muted Voices: Josh King is at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, investigating ‘life, death and disease in s wartime Auckland’, looking at the impact of the dztabase presence in Auckland on the life and growth of the city, and the apparently unique morbidity and motality profile of British troops in New Zealand, focussing on Albert Barracks.


Hinwood, Marian A study of influences and experiences contributing to the attitudes of a group of vocational students towards science. Notable trends include continued military-style roles and community leadership.

Medson, Caroline Parameters influencing yeast-mediated reactions in an organic solvent. Other third party content such as maps, images, and so on should also be attributed. Government subsidies often cover some of the costs of public housing Jain, Kalita Shoulder strength in amateur swimmers.

Lee, Jacen Man Kwan A norm- and control-referenced comparative study of the neuropsychological profiles of shift workers and patients with obstructive sleep apnoea OSA. Kenney, Megan Functional instability of the ankle and its relationship to the Q angle.