The page number of the table must also be included. For a thesis written in bahasa Melayu, the abstract must first be written in bahasa Melayu and followed by the English translation. Hasil simulasi menunjukkan, dalam kebanyakan kes, MA berkeupayaan menghasilkan model yang bersesuaian dan parsimoni dan memenuhi ujian pengsahihan model di samping memperolehi beberapa kelebihan dibandingkan dengan kaedah OLS, SGA dan MGA. Bachelor Degree Project Report: See example in Appendix D. Scarecrow Press, , pp. Faculty of Education Sky blue h.

Title of the article. A thesis for final submission must be permanently bound with hard cover. Title of the patent. Title of Journal,, Volume, page. Examples can be seen in Appendices A and B. Tongued And Grooved Software Flooring. Flow chart of the preparation process is shown in Figure 5.

Footnotes are used to elaborate or provide additional information regarding matters discussed in that page.


A new chapter must start on a new page. Prentice Hall International Ltd. Bachelor Degree Project Report: Skip to main content. Flow chart of the preparation process is shown in Figure 5.


New UTM Thesis Format

Long paragraphs should be avoided. Thus these are unreliable sources of reference. Name of Supervisor I: The declaration should be signed.

sps utm thesis format

This includes all preliminary pages, main contents of the thesis and all appendices ufm submitted to the panel of examiners and approved. Name of Supervisor III: The purpose is to acknowledge the work of others, to demonstrate formt body of knowledge in which the work is based on and to lead others for further information. His thesis is approved in the year The minimum size of the letters should be 18 point.

The text should contain: Examples can be seen in Appendices A and B. The thesiw should be typed using bold letters and should not be underlined. A chapter must be divided into sections. Name of the conference. In particular, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to my main thesis supervisor, Professor Dr.

Tongued and Grooved Software Flooring.


Acknowledgment of Previous Publications IV. A new chapter must begin on a pss page. Example two or more authors: This site uses cookies. They should be arranged using one of the methods discussed in Chapter 3.

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A title must be given and it should reflect its content. Examples of statements for various purposes and awards are listed in Appendix E. Mohd Shariff Nabi Baksh, for encouragement, guidance, critics and friendship.

sps utm thesis format

Number of copies to be print: Banyak naskah yang akan dicetak: The title page should not use bold letters. Engineers Joint Council See example in Appendix S.

Electronic format Author Year. Evolutionary Design and Manufacturing.