By sending these abstracts, the World Bank YPP selection team seeks to better understand your academic and professional profile. This is my first time Daily About once a week About once a month Every six months or less often. If you are successful at this stage, the Bank will send a letter of appointment, which establishes the type of contract, proposed starting date and entry level salary, among other items. Check to see whether this applies to you. The Young Professionals Program: It is a unique opportunity to experience development and gain exposure to the World Bank’s operations and policies.

This limit requires the candidate to have the capacity to summarize, so focus on the most relevant aspects of your contribution; There is no defined structure for the WB YPP essay. Some observations and suggestions for the letters of recommendation are as follows: The international community is racing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in less than 12 years, with trillions of dollars needed to deliver on the promise. During the security clearance, the WBG will contact former employers, universities, banks and criminal justice agencies, among others, in your country. Application Essay for the Selection Process Young Professionals “There is no single blueprint for countries in their efforts to end extreme poverty and to promote shared prosperity in a sustainable manner.

Having received a message from the selection team about their approval for the second round, the candidate should send a copy of their passport and three reference letters. First of all, it is important that the candidates advise their referees of their main reasons and goals for applying to the World Bank YPP.

The information should bajk valid for a period of one year. Thank you for agreeing to provide feedback on the new version of worldbank.

Those who have been successful receive bak email advising them of their success at this stage and stating that they will be considered for a vacancy at the organization, depending on internal demand. Do not use any special characters in the application e.


The World Bank Young Professionals Program

Tips from the director of the UN information center in Vienna. This application supports the following browsers: Those invited to interviews will be asked to come to the WBG from 8 am Recruitment Wofld for Korean Nationals. Writing a curriculum is no easy task.

Recruitment Drive for Japanese Nationals. This selection stage usually takes place between June and August. In order to assist in the process of inviting the submission of letters of recommendation, wold World Bank YPP team send the candidate a letter signed by the program coordinator which should be forwarded to their referees.

sample essay for world bank ypp

Academic transcripts and certificates When applying for the World Bank YPP selection process, it is compulsory to send all your certificates and higher education academic transcripts. The World Bank Group WBG welcomes all qualified individuals with diverse professional, academic, and cultural backgrounds.

The World Bank Young Professionals Program 2017

This is because the committee may use plagiarism detection software. The WBG sponsors a comprehensive pension plan for eligible staff.

The final result of the stage is released between February and March each year. There is no difference in the weighting for the interview and Assessment Center, both being equally relevant for the selection process. The YPP is a unique opportunity for young professionals who have both a passion for international development and the leadership potential to grow worlf fascinating top technical and managerial roles in the WBG. If the referees really understand this worlx, they may prepare a document with more information that is relevant to the selection assessors.

Recruitment Drive for Israeli Nationals. A foe grant is included in the first paycheck to cover the cost of relocation.

sample essay for world bank ypp

Decisions and offers are communicated. Upon successful submission of your application, you will receive an email confirmation along with a YPP ID number. If your contact information changes during the selection process, including personal address. In other words, a type of group exercise in which information will be given to you about a realistic situation or problem relevant to the vacancy.


The World Bank works across intersecting and complex sectors. Read our privacy policy I understand.

sample essay for world bank ypp

You have clicked on a link to a page that is not part of the beta version of the new worldbank. Since its inception, the YP program has hired over 1, sa,ple who hold or have held positions ranging from entry-level to vice presidents and managing directors. Obtaining a visa to take part in the third round. Examples essxy increasing agricultural productivity and building infrastructure that provides access to energy, irrigation, and markets; promoting freer trade that provides greater access to markets for the poor and enabling entrepreneurs in low- and middle-income countries to grow their businesses and create new jobs; investing in both health care and education, especially for women and children; and implementing social safety nets and providing social insurance, including initiatives that protect against the impacts of natural disasters and pandemics.

You may focus on a region or set of countries as well as your area of expertise to describe your proposal. Therefore, it is important that the assessor can easily assimilate how your experience and qualifications are relevant for international development and the WBG.

The World Bank Group partners with countries to take on these challenges in a number of ways.