In this case, letter A to number 4 and letter E to number 3. These linguistic innovations are usually prompted by the use of CMC, in this study, the use of Facebook. Most of them are exasperated for it hinders the communication process. The point of this article is to tell people that intelligence is never a single ability but a collection of abilities one possess. Just like Leetspeak, Jejemonism can also be used as a secret communication code among social groups since only few understand and use it and have the nerve to decode it. Another possible reason is that, people just cannot decipher the message that they trying to say due to decorative way of spelling words.

Hiphop fashion includes those very loose and wide pants that were huhulog-hulog kept falling. For the purpose of investigation in this study, jejemon texting style is rooted to select social and ed- ucational influences. Language, Mobile Phones and Internet Communication. The morphological transformations included in the study were: This study is significant for forthcoming researchers who will make similar studies on the topic Jejemon since only few tried to deal with the case which became a big issue in the local setting. Teenagers use among themselves these ongoing linguistic processes especially in computer-mediated communication format. Skip to main content.

Hiphop fashion includes those very loose and wide pants that were huhulog-hulog kept falling.

research paper jejemon

Unlike texters who found it tiring to compose complete words and found it easier to shorten their text, jejemons do otherwise. A questionnaire was devised and validated.

Second, their fashion; both has a distinct way of dressing which makes it unique and can easily be pointed out. Mona Valisno, a representative of DepEd told parents to keep their kids from falling into the Jejemon trap before they forget how to spell the actual words in English or Fili- pino.


As mentioned, one of the defining characteristics of a modern pedagogical grammar is that it provides descriptive information which is helpful for learners of the language.


Apparent- ly, teachers and parents do not necessarily impinge any influence at all in terms of the societal root of the problem. Education Secretary Mona Valisno has said:.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: On the other hand, teachers play an important role in the educa- tional aspect of their development. Rresearch is the use of the period three times within or after the sentence. Posted by Unknown at 8: It has similarities with Leetspeak, primarily the alphanumeric nature of its writing.

research paper jejemon

A group of internet grammar vigilantes, typically Filipinos, dedicating their internet lives towards the eradication of jejetyping and jejemon existence. Alternate use of the lower and upper case letters; f. The results are sometimes liberating, innovative and could just tweet in Morse jejdmon.

research paper jejemon

Many students were shaking their heads. High school students from private schools would tease each other: Ellipsis is also used as a conjoining marker and as a pragmatic marker to separate textual play Raclaw, as in the case of this study. Though there are many apprehensions like their fashion, researdh and traits, this study focuses on the main and the foremost problem jfjemon the Jejemons, their usage of language, for it is the major angst regarding the topic.

American Psychological Association stated.

The Effects of Jejemon Essay

These factors, when intervened with their learning abilities, are expected to affect their academic perfor- mance in English. And it is possible to calculate one’s intelligence using an Intelligence Quotient IQ Test though not all of these nine can be measured.


He also wants to economize the space restrictions on text messaging when sharing to twitter and other social media. After the occurrences were identified, the corpuses pxper analyzed according to the morphological transformations and the noticeable patterns in the jejemon style of writings. Other generalizations may not be suitable to conclude for the entire attributes of the jejemon phenomenon.

People should stop stereotyping and judging other people by their style since everyone has nejemon right to express themselves freely. Online articles from credible sites were used to gather useful information for this research paper. Although the multiple uses of punctuation marks are considered unusual, the use of period is not.

J3jeHm0wnZxs: JEJEMON CULTURE: Misconceptions and Benefits

Methodology The Descriptive Research design was used in this study as it tried to gather data on the prevalence of the jejemon texting style of high school students. These reasons of hate turn into misconceptions which are based mainly on the stereotypes and false conclusions other people are accusing them.

However, the researcher observed that these imputations are stereotypes which are tesearch based on misconceptions. The researchers looked into the different walls of different Facebook users to identify the jejemon occurrences. Jsjemon, users can join networks organized by workplace, school, or college.

Cahn aiY Vhe uR fwwEnnn? This was the major data gathering tool in answering the identified problems of the study.