How to Do Things with Words. Discourse is not limited to verbal or written texts, but can include any type of symbols that contribute to meaning making. Miksi vuonna Mao Zedongin johdolla luodusta Kiinan kansantasavallasta ei tullut johtavaa kommunistista valtiota? This plot contains an existential threat, a point of no return and a possible way out. The speech was none the less also directed to the cadres of the party as well to the masses, even to the international community.

Securitisation can then be viewed as a necessary instrument for both domestic and international security measures and policies. Accordingly, the criteria set for allowed forms of technology have been reduced from theMaoist plural must-nots to the single mustnot: Chinese Securitisation As it would seem that desecuritizing the incident was conducive to Chinese politics, could the desecuritization of the incident also be conducive? We show that the colour uses instituted to classify and govern prisoners not only structure the inmates socially, but also become vehicles for resisting the security discourses associated with them. In this chapter I argue that securitization theory can be a useful entry-point in a variety of studies dealing with broader fields of human action. One of the criteria for successful securitization is that it has salient and major political effects. Unlike with the incident, in the faction supporting the securitization of the issue won the factional struggle within the Party.

Martin Hollisin ja Steve Smithin27 tavoin: Introducing Colour to Visual Security Studies more. Se on ajankohtainen tietopaketti kaikille globaaleista muutoksista kiinnostuneille. Narratiivianalyysin keinoin tiivistetty Kiina-uhkateoria suhteutetaan Kiinan turvallisuuspolitiikkaan ja tosiasiallisiin sotilaallisiin kykyihin.

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New citations to this author. From Mass Science to the Controlled Internet more. Past, present, and future conceivable life more. The article shows how dkssertation identity frames produced by social movements and state authorities can be seen as attempts both to legitimize protest and to make it illegitimate through security discourse.


Co-edited with Harto Hakovirta Publisher: Co-authored with Lauri Paltemaa Publication Date: New Frameworks for Analysis.

Introducing Colour to Visual Security Studies more. The chapter presents the results from a study of the Doomsday Clock, and suggests that Peircean semiotics can be incorporated into the securitization approach without distortionate effects.

Jiha this chapter, I focus on post-Mao China from the vantage point of contestation and resistance to securitization moves by authorities.

The Lexicon of Fear: The theories of identity frames and securitization are combined to produce a framework that can be used to analyze and conceptualize rhetorical interaction between protest movements and authorities.

The possibilities of civil society and state dissrtation to resist securitization moves of Critical Security and Chinese Politics: The agenda of this article is to highlight how security becomes intelligible, is enacted, contested and re appropriated in part through colour use.

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Narratiivianalyysin keinoin tiivistetty Kiina-uhkateoria suhteutetaan Kiinan turvallisuuspolitiikkaan ja tosiasiallisiin sotilaallisiin kykyihin. The theoretical discussion is illustrated with examples from the Chinese political system.

Through this examination, the article shows how controlling technologies has always been closely connected to the political order in China and how this diagramof power has changed through time. Veikko Pohjola Pasanen Antti Phenomenon-driven process design methodology; computer implementation and test usage Opponent: Three Takes on the Counter-Revolutionary: Here, I relate securitization theory with research on social mobilization and its suppression, and thereby argue that securitization theory has something to offer for this broader vuor of study.


Edited by Thierry Balzacq Publisher: This process is thought to have various political and social functions and purposes.

juha vuori dissertation

Jul 23, Publication Name: Indeed, to get a comprehensive juhx of meaning on the one hand and practice on the other, critical scholars of security need to engage visual modalities in addition to verbal or written ones cf. The key concept and theory discussed in the present volume is securitisation.

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The study of China has had an important role in the development of key notions within the field of resistance studies e. The theoretical discussion is illustrated with examples from the Chinese political system.

juha vuori dissertation

This book approaches one empirical case with three approaches in order to transcend the tendency to pit one approach against another. Climate Politics as Chinese Foreign Policy more. More specifically, we argue that the shift in the use of colours in military battlefield uniforms, from conspicuously colourful to camouflaged and blending in or disrupting shapes, can be seen to work as a semiotic vehicle to understand societal meanings attached to the battlefield.