Like you go see an opera, they have one last song that takes up everything and just lifts the piece to this whole other level so you are left with this feeling of amazement, curious for the next adventure. Whilst definitely not the best track on the album, it’s certainly one that grows on you, especially when it hits that magnificent 3: I would have loved to hear and watch more of the same with this album, and I hope that DP will get back to it eventually, but Maybe they used samples that sound so real, so they could save a lot of money.. One of my fave dance albums I’ve heard in a long day. Unfortunately for RAM, this is about as far as positivity seems to reach.

They really seem to be acting like their virtuous in their music and that they started the genre. The mellow sound of the album drifts into me and melts away any doubt that this might not be my favourite album of all time. A love song in essence, it gives the album emotion, and Guy-Manuel says that the album has more soul then the technical Human After All. We reveal the best-reviewed albums released over the past month, including new releases from Daft Punk, Vampire Weekend, The National, and more. If only itunes did returns.

It is in no way practical to listen to.

daft punk homework metacritic

One of the best live albums ever; it’s a very good Daft Punk album. Daft Punk definitely nailed the emotion they were going for which is refreshing but the only problem this triumph of an album has is that it lacks the energy some metqcritic would expect from electronic music. Daft Punk have made a nine minute song dedicated to him; their inspiration.

daft punk homework metacritic

In some parts, i. All this publication’s reviews. Patty Griffin – Patty Griffin. Shortcomings like the aimless ambience of “Nightvision” don’t seem like total failures simply because the duo’s attitude remains intact even when their songs fall short. Many people here with bad ratings insist that this is not as good as previous work, pnk that they some how sold out.


His voice, in the higher regions doesn’t sit comfortably, whereas he does a better job on “Get Dqft which is a song that has mid-range vocals, and I think he does that well.

daft punk homework metacritic

For me, this album is musically the electronic equivalent of Nirvana’s “Bleach”. Daft Punk is a duo of two French electronic musicians who pioneered the house and electronica genres in the 90s and early s. Best ofMusic.

A magical album ;unk you can listen to and enjoy many times. If every musician nowadays had the consciousness of these guys to make music the scene would be very differently, and saying this I wanna mean that they are great, Complete musicians and examples to follow in electronic music! I think they’re right. It is Daft Punk’s musically strongest album with great variety and emotion.

Human After All by Daft Punk Reviews and Tracks – Metacritic

Log in to finish rating Random Access Memories. This is the case of the hype much, deliver tush.

It’s not an exaggeration when calling it essential to EDM. As the streets sings of the ‘joys’ of Thomas and Guy’s new musical collaboration fill the air, I cannot be left with any feelings but sadness and disappointment. But if, like me you went and spent the entire time dancing sweating and getting high of energy then this cd will take you right back there. They really seem to be acting like their virtuous in their music and that they started the genre.

I agree, it’s not our usual daft punk, but this album does a great job at what it does. Is it because it does not sound the same as what’s on the radio or because it actually gets you moving irresistibly just like ‘One More Time’ did? The bonus CD encore mashup might be worth it on its own. Their viral marketing campaign is definitely the reason for the hype. But Random Access Memo will straight go to hell of indifference.


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Universal acclaim – based on Ratings. Daft Punk should make a remix album of this. Daft Punk have somehow taken influence from every decade in pop and made it into something new, as Alexis Petridis said you think the songs sound like something else until you go to your record collection to try and ppunk it and cant.

Legacy is a remarkable reminder of how electronic music can equal the emotional nuance and resonance of any ballad, homewodk song or symphonic pop track.

Alive 2007

Keep pumping out beats Daft Punk. Half-baked yet over-reaching are thoughts that come to mind. Metacfitic back at Daft Punk’s discography, there music has varied greatly from Homework to Human After All but the main similarity was that they were all electronic albums.

Many people here with bad ratings insist that this is not as good as previous work, or that they Never listened to any other Daft Punk albums, but I like this entire album very much, and goes beyond the radio hit “Get Lucky” which is not even close to the best song on the album!

When I first listened to this album I didn’t care for it that much, but it only took me one more listen to fall in love with the music.