This page was last edited on 16 May , at In general it was found that students had adequate skills in handling information for their basics needs. Strong historical, cultural and ethnic connections between Chin and Mizo might Broken or partly fused up stripes cover from the main corner of its eyes just over cheek. When jumping down, they keep hanging on to a branch this way until the very last moment. This article is about the animal species.

The captive animals have been recorded to be living up to 17 years. Retrieved from ” https: African clawless otter A. The cubs are born with solid dark coat, devoid of the adult cloudy patterns that they only develop after attaining six months of age. Sulawesi palm civet M.

Mating usually occurs between December and March. Microfinance intervention through Self Help Groups SHGs has been seen as an effective instrument for women empowerment and poverty alleviation. Biology and Conservation of Wild Felids: Women in Mizoram are resourceful and hardworking; they have proved to be very enterprising.

Meghalaya – Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) | L A R K

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The male grasps the female by the neck, and the female responds with vocalization that encourages the male to continue. In Myanmar, it was recorded by camera-traps for the first time in the hill forests of Mdghalaya State in In Bangladesh, a few clouded leopards were sighted in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.


Owston’s palm civet C.

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Moreover, elongated blotches spread down its spine and make a single stripe on its loins. It is a known fact that clouded leopards live in Himalayan foothills especially in the countries including India, Nepal, Bhutan, Peninsular, china, Myanmar and Thailand.

clouded leopard of meghalaya essay

Malabar large-spotted civet V. The breeding pair was brought from the Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Thailand in an ongoing education and research exchange program.

clouded leopard of meghalaya essay

Moreover, it has black colour spots on its head, ears are usually black. When jumping down, they keep hanging on to a branch this way until the very last moment. South American sea lion O. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London.

clouded leopard of meghalaya essay

Galictis Lesser grison G. Chrotogale Owston’s palm civet C.

Delhi – Agra – Khajuraho – Varanasi Retrieved from ” https: The flanks are marked by dark dusky-grey irregular blotches bordered behind by long, oblique, irregularly curved or looped stripes. According to Mizoram Economic Survey,female working population constitutes about It is not legally protected outside Bhutan’s protected areas.


The clouded leopard has been found in the cloude altitudes of the Himalayan mountain range.

Clouded Leopard

SAIR volume 17 number 8. African clawless otter A.

Another crisis is brewing in Myanmar’s restive Rakhine state where Buddhists have become the target of the army. Females are slightly smaller than males. Strong historical, cultural and ethnic connections between Chin and Mizo might suggest a strong claim to belonging.

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Travel to meghalaya, the amazing hideouts with impressive ambience to make you holidays more entertaining. Nature, in its plenteous abundance, had blessed Meghalaya with a unique array of plantation, ranging from tropical and sub-tropical to temperate or near temperate.

Neofelis nebulosa [1] Griffith Retrieved 6 September The litter size of the clouded leopard is one to five, but mostly three.