I am kind of weak at agama.. Anonymous 28 April at I have to stop now. Write a letter to her about attractions in Cameron Highlands. Your mother has asked you to write a letter advising him how to divide his time wisely. They were so funny that we could not stop laughing.

I was expecting some physical activities since we were asked to wear t-shirts and tracksuits with sport shoes but there was none. The trapeze act seemed so dangerous and we thought that they were going to fall down. I am writing to invite you and your far join us for a picnic at Cherating Beach next month. Boh Tea Plantation – walk – plantation – process – tea. So is it possible to get at least B in the pt3 examination in 12 days? In addition to giving news, they are often used to give information, congratulate, give advice and expressing concern. Use the notes to help you write.

Well I just wanted to ask whether cata kept on reading the subtopics for science and khb like everyday at least two or three subtopics so u wont forget? You can also ask your teachers and friends for help. I just wanna ask, for Science, do u memorize each experiment’s conclusion and all? Lucky, we had expected the Hood.


Do you have any PT3 exercise books you don’t want anymore? Anonymous 15 August at Hey my name’s justin and i’ve got an issue HeyI have a question?

The first performance was by the seals.

cara buat essay pt3

Can I ask u something.? Sye tk thu nk mule macam mana? Bah,saya pon org Tenom dri kg jawa.

cara buat essay pt3

I’m suck at science and khb to be honest. No 10, Taman D.

Bahasa Inggeris (English) Tingkatan 1, 2, 3 (PT3): Karangan / Essays _

You may use the words and phrases given above. Use Internet – Gain Knowledge. Call it a night – to end stop what one is doing at night. A question,the question said: Try to spend some quality time doing something that you love every now and then.

Aku Ada 5 Tips Macam Mana Nak ‘Power’ Tulis Bahasa Inggeris

Mesti dia rasa best sebab kau dah bagi dia compliment — yang English dia hebat. I hope all of you are in good health.

Salutations with the name of the person you are writing to. Aku easay ini bukan sebab essah berlagak, menyindir atau being sarcastic dengan siapa-siapa. Shasha 12 March at Hai I am sitting for pt3 this year Well, for the literature and komsas, read, read, read, remember! Then start another set of paper for the same subject. Tak payah guna perkataan hebat yang kau rasa bbuat akan impressed.


I happen to see this blog when I was searching for ways to help my cousin who is sitting for PT3 this year. First and foremost, I just checked the cost of the trip. Juliana Kim 30 May at Well, I may not be the writer of this blog, but here’s my point of view: Next, is it effective if we study in the morning? Unknown 21 November at When you are waiting for bus, you can get those eessay reference books.

Hi I’m a PT3 candidate for and I read your article and maybe your lisan test was quite different because you were the first batch to take PT3 but I agreed on Science because I am weak at Science.

cara buat essay pt3