The present writer is several parts Jacksonian, one part Jeffersonian, and one part Hamiltonian at least in international economic policy with a dash of the Wilsonian, but only a dash. It remains a serious disparagement even to imply that a member of the American middle class is not pulling his or her weight in the world. Suspicious of untrammeled federal power Waco , skeptical about the prospects for domestic and foreign do-gooding welfare at home, foreign aid abroad , opposed to federal taxes but obstinately fond of federal programs seen as primarily helping the middle class Social Security and Medicare, mortgage interest subsidies , Jacksonians constitute a large political interest. They are as important under George W. Jacksonian populism today has moved beyond its original ethnic and geographical limits.

Many Trump voters were less concerned with pushing a specific program than with stopping what appeared to be the inexorable movement of their country toward catastrophe. Some of the roots of anti-China feeling in the United States today date back to mistreatment of American prisoners during the Korean War. When the Americans come and get him and his henchmen, their nemeses will be Jacksonians who most certainly won’t spend any time agonizing about the rightness of their cause. Among those members of the folk community who do pull their weight, there is an absolute equality of dignity and rights. Mead points out, was no crude, frontier Indian fighter.

When the Soviet Union fell, Hamiltonians responded by doubling down on the creation of a global liberal order, understood primarily in economic terms. Despite historical experiences that would have completely alienated many ethnic minorities around the world, American black popular culture remains profoundly—and, in times of danger, fiercely—patriotic.

For many Americans, real Americans are people who make their own way in the world, holding their places in it through honest work. If they believe in a leader jacskonian a political movement, they are prepared to accept policies that seem counter-intuitive and difficult.


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International Security24 1 Mead has been a strong supporter of Transatlantic relations. Currently, the American people support jac,sonian complaint what is easily the highest military budget in the world.

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Wilsonians are guided by the thought of America’s special duty in promoting permanent international peace through law and international organizations like the World Court and the United Nations. Jafksonian some ways Jacksonians resemble the Jeffersonians, with whom their political fortunes were linked for so many decades.

Hamiltonians, Jeffersonians, plus Wilsonians and Jacksonians

His efforts to wage limited war in Korea cost him re-election in Help Center Find new research papers in: Mead makes only one passing reference to Lincoln unfortunately.

Remember me on this computer. Are they serving large commercial interests with malicious designs on the common good? This basically positive assessment would be incomplete without a description of the two most serious problems that the Jacksonian school perennially poses for American policymakers.

mead essay jacksonian

The American Empire in Transition”. Seeing corrupt and authoritarian regimes abroad as a leading cause of conflict and violence, Wilsonians sought peace through the promotion of human rights, democratic governance, and the rule of law.

When it comes to Big Government, Jeffersonians worry more about the military than about anything else. They declare meac against the ideal of a world community which is not merely a moral impossibility but a monstrosity. The mullahs of Iran, the assassins of Libya and Fidel Castro have never been forgiven by Jacksonian opinion for their crimes against and defiance of the United States.

The Jacksonian Revolt

While in many respects Jacksonian Americans have an optimistic outlook, there is a large and important sense in which they are pessimistic. At a very basic level, a feeling of kinship exists among Americans: The Washington PostStyle section, p. It was in this capacity that Andrew Jackson was elected to the presidency, and the role has since been reprised by any number of politicians on both the local and the national stages. Often, Jeffersonians and Jacksonians will stand together in opposition to humanitarian interventions, or interventions made in support of Wilsonian or Hamiltonian world order initiatives.


Once that commitment has been made, it is even harder to build Jacksonian sentiment for a change. Independent and difficult to discipline, they have nevertheless demonstrated magnificent fighting qualities in every corner of the world.

Every political party since his presidency has drawn on the symbolism, the institutions and the instruments of power that Jackson pioneered.

Britain, America, and the Making of the Modern World. Caught between their commitments and the well-organized Hamiltonian or Wilsonian lobbies and pressure groups whose political clout is often at least partially responsible for these commitments and the manifest unpopularity of the actions required to fulfill them, American policymakers dither, tack from side to side, and generally make an unimpressive show.

The globally oriented, order-building schools of thought see American power as a resource to be expended in pursuit of their far-reaching goals.

Jacksonian populism today has moved beyond its original ethnic and geographical limits. Jacksonian Americans believe strongly in the ideals that have defined their nation and they see their nation as a force for good in the world. The future of Jacksonian political allegiance will be one of the keys to the politics of the twenty-first century. They know that it is not always possible.

Nevertheless, Walter Russell Mead’s new book, “Special Providence,” on American foreign policy is decidedly indispensable for anyone interested in that subject which should be all of us after September Click here for reprint permission.