It also stressed that Jack Mills expects the system to help solve the United Way and Savings Bond participation problem. Once again, stress that this matrix is a living document. Include partitions for the actor and the system. This is real life! None None Web programming to be used so employees can have easy remote access. For example, we have encountered clients who have mentioned that they envisioned expected?

The hourly wage of an hourly employee or a contract employee. Use your data model from Milestones 3 and 4 as an attribute reference. Stress to the students that this matrix is a living document. This system would provide the capability for employees to maintain their own information regarding address and telephone number changes,beneficiary changes,United Way and other deductions. The Primary keys are based on how the user uniquely identifies each entity.

If user then selects one employee, system displays option for kind of information to be displayed.

Case Study ESSS

The hourly wage of an hourly employee or a contract employee. Less than ideal 1. Other events exist for basic data maintenance add records, delete records, etc. For purposes of class discussion,you may want to compare this to the Use Case Diagram created in Milestone 3.

An abbreviated identifier for a N department. In some cases students may not have been provided with the information they needed to complete all components of the matrix. Add this document to saved. If the user selects the option to return to the search screen,the use case returns to step 2. In this section we will learn the necessary background information to be able to complete the milestones of this case study. Once again, stress that this matrix is a living document. Less then ideal United Way participation.


Any individual who is specified by the employee as the person to contact in case of emergency. This use case describes the event of updating the Employee employee profile information.

This solution is slightly different than the solution given in Milestone 2 simply because later milestones provided more information.

Case study ESSS milestone 05 data model normalization

System updates data for pay rates or job title or supervisor. The process is too labor intensive for HR staff,which includes interacting with employees over information discrepancies and 1.

For background information on each use case, see the meeting transcript in Exhibit 3. We should try to identify causes rather than restating the problem. No tracking mechanisms exist to monitor employee contributions.

esss case study solutions milestone 2

Logically group events to create an event decomposition diagram. Add the following maintenance Use-Cases: The interview contains clues that this is the preferred method.

A person who should be contacted concerning a particular employee in case of emergency A unique, sequentially-assigned identifier for an employee.

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System displays all employees that match criteria. Primary keys are shown at the top of the list of attributes and marked with PK.


esss case study solutions milestone 2

Crate an online “White Pages”possible viewed via the Web. Some students may have given more specific descriptions such as those found in the first column of the problem statement matrix.

esss case study solutions milestone 2

You might stress to the students that oftentimes user expectations are simply stated in terms of a new system that works! Make sure students specify primary keys that uniquely identify the entities as well as use proper names for the keys.

But make sure each non-key attribute exists in only one entity. Actor Action System Response Step 1: Determine whether each potential object is an object, an attribute of a particular object, a synonym for an object or attribute, or something else.

Every Employee has zero or more EmergencyContacts. Each Employee works in a Department milsetone a Department employs one soluttions more employees. Information changes are submitted via forms and then have to be keyed into the system by an administrator,thus creating a cse time before the data in the system is current.