She is easily freaked out though. Later, they went back for another round for roller coaster. There are five places to eat but other than the pizza place none were that great and were generally pricier than other options. Retrieved 18 April October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Scream Park was added as the new park addition, in collaboration with the Lynton V Harris.

The Water Park is probably the core area of Sunway Lagoon. Expect to get wet! You can enjoy a more affordable stay at the 4-star Sunway Pyramid Hotel. And the final terms of a ceremony organized, at About Lagoon often hold an international event than A Famosa Resort to attract public attention to their theme parks. There are various deals for different days of the week. The extreme park and wildlife park would be so much fun!

And to imagine that it was made on a mining wasteland, wow!

Sunway Lagoon, The Ultimate Theme Park of Malaysia – i Share

Share For a day of thrills and fun in the city, head on to Sunway Lagoon theme park. Sunway Lagoon is open to public on weekdays from 11am to 6am and from 10am to 6pm on weekends. Lsgoon she is not at home in Melbourne, she is exploring the world with her little ones. Malaysians Statistics up to end February The Surf Beach is a nice place to relax and if you arrive early you might be able to grab one of the curtained gazebos on the island for that extra tropical feeling.


We visited on a Monday in June and avoided the local school holidays.

If you’ve some big question mark on top of your head, do ask me! It scared Z it was pretty fast but it was sunwah lot of fun. Even though the Sunway Lagoon Park was a mining wasteland once.

A trip to Sunway Lagoon (I’ll tell you some tips!)

You can expect the highest, the longest and the fastest thrills and excitement. The worker asked me ‘whose shoes is this’ I told her that I don’t know because it wasn’t ours. It is also home to […]. Our working model is based on the lagoon of Center-Led and decentralisation organisation essay approach. About is also in products like cigarettes. Around 75 orangutans roam free within the forest reserve.

essay about sunway lagoon

In addition to frightening special effects, Scream Park employs live actors who jump out and scream at you, blow down the back of your neck and do lots of other scary tricks.


We tried that twice too!

There are five main parks with more than 80 rides and attractions to explore and enjoy at Sunway Lagoon: I think I lost my soul after I got out from Tomahawk.

The extreme park and wildlife park would be so much fun! Nhi Nguyen Jul 19, First was the lack of food options. Worry not, as there are plenty of eateries around the place.

Essay about sunway lagoon

Just a minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Lagoon is sure to have something to offer for everyone. There is also a m Flying Fox. Mission and Vision Statement: Alana Jun 22, That looks like a really fun park. On entry, this was the first land we essaay.

Sunway Lagoon

I had great time at the Water Park. My advice is, if you’re having a bad back, please don’t go upstairs. Um, YES I would love to go there!! We went to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

essay about sunway lagoon