Although private candidates often find it easier to speak to their school or college about their results, they can contact Pearson directly to request post-results services like a review of marking or to request a marked copy of their exam paper. Our examiners don’t usually annotate question papers while marking. For information about deadlines and fees, see: Requests must be made through Edexcel Online and you will receive an automatic confirmation email acknowledging the receipt of the application. The table below shows the amount we charge to process each type of request, the deadline for applications and when you can expect to receive your paper. The system is web based and facilitates:.

Review of marking of externally assessed components Service 2. Support topics Services Training Key dates Resources. Can I get the marking of my exam paper checked? Pearson would like to keep you updated with information on our range of products and services. If you have to pay the entry fee yourself, you can find what we charge your centre on the fees page. Access to script – original ATSO. Our Access to Script ATS services allow you to request copies of your candidates’ marked exam papers.

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You may find that a resit is not your best option. What if I’m unhappy with my coursework mark? You can request that we only eedexcel the clerical check. You’ll need to speak to your teacher in order to get a copy of the mark scheme or for additional help interpreting where you’ve been awarded marks. The rules for resubmitting controlled assessments vary by subject.


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Assessment and verification Coursework, controlled assessment and courdework assessment NEA. The refund policy for marking reviews is agreed jointly by the major UK awarding organisations. For some qualifications EDI submissions are not available. Candidates can only be assessed on exexcel that they have produced themselves. Your school or college should base its decision on what is best for the majority of students.

However, in subjects with minimum requirements a candidate who submits less than this minimum requirement must be given a mark of zero.

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For information about deadlines and fees, see: The deadline for completion is within 10 calendar days of receiving the request and is available when the component is from one of the coursewori qualifications:. Step 1 You mark the internally assessed work for every candidate using the detailed assessment criteria or marking schemes published by Edexceland arrange candidates in order of merit.

Post-results key dates Post-results fees. However, it is possible that your grade could go up, go down or stay the same. You can provide this annotation either in a summary on a cover sheet or by annotating the margin or text to flag up evidence, or a combination of both. The only way to improve your grade would be to resit the exam. The marking of your question paper will be reviewed by a senior examinerwho will check your answers against the mark scheme. This service is the same as Service 2 review of marking but is processed faster.


Supervision of internally assessed work. What if I’m unhappy with my coursework mark? How are controlled assessments marked? We will not charge centres for special consideration appeals, nor for other appeals if an appeal is upheld.

Can I get my controlled assessment back? This will cost less than having a full review of marking.

Any changes we make to grades during the review of moderation may affect all students who submitted work. Yesprovided that: We aim to have the result of your review of marking back to you within 20 days.

Fees for post-results services (from 1 August 2018)

What if I’m still unhappy with my grade after a review of marking? How long will it take to get the marking of my paper reviewed?

We can only review the moderation if we changed the marks given by your teacher, but it’s up to your school to decide whether it requests this. Any mark changes may impact all candidates completing this component at the centre in the current exam session. If you don’t want to receive this information, please tick this box.

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Where a significant problem has not been rectified: