Correspondence in this regard is discouraged. Pragati House House colour — Green Motto: Class V onwards boys should wear trousers. Eating in the buses or littering is not permitted. In addition to this, a newsletter ROOTS is also published twice a year, which highlights the happenings at school and has the creative efforts of the students, views of teachers and the feedback of parents. Indiscipline cases of the students will be dealt by the Discipline Committee of the school, which is final and binding on the students. My child is here to try, To fail and to cry!

Students availing the school transport are expected to maintain the best of decorum in the buses, failing which an appropriate action, to the extent of withdrawing the bus facility of the student, will be taken. Be there for your child to listen to his stories or when he wants you to feel proud of the stars on his notebook. If the fee is not deposited by the end of the following month, the name of your ward will be struck off from the school rolls. Plan and manage your work in such a way that a little work is done every day. To support children with learning ability etc. Switch the lights off while leaving the room or if it is sunny. It is also taunting or name calling as well as damaging a person’s property, clothing or school work.

Girls having long hair must tie their hair into two plaits for Nursery to class X and girls of classes XI and XII can tie single holidsy. My child is here to try, To fail and to cry! Quality time means being there for your child when he needs you and not when it is convenient for you. We believe that education is the means by which we discern humanity and contribute towards its transformation and renewal and that one’s education is unsurpassed when pursued in the companionship of others and hence the integrity of the stakeholders is essential to our ethos.


No reminders are given for deposition of fee. Derogatory remarks about the school, student, teacher in social media will invite expulsion from the school.

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School caters to counselling hmoework guidance of students in developing their personality and shaping career. For students of Pre-Primary, rai;ur sets of aprons and napkins need to be deposited with the class teacher. DPS Raipur fraternity has synchronized with parent community to foster and nurture child development which will prove to be the foundation stone for benchmark performance in the coming years. This inculcates discipline and regularity in a student. Discussing often helps to focus the mind.

Henceforth, latecomers will not be entertained. Adoption of Nardaha village was quintessential of giving back to society. Houses are allotted to students from class I.

dps raipur holiday homework 17-18

I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy. Any change in address or telephone no.

DPS Raipur has made a maiden foray into the capital city of Chhattisgarh. They only spoke a few words. Beat the Heat of Scorching Summer Sun While the temperature is soaring and the hot winds are blowing, delicious mangoes and melons entice as much as the swimming pool in summers.

dps raipur holiday homework 17-18

However, for extended treatment, the consultancy charges are to be borne by the parents. DPS Raipur has set a milestone by initiating and incorporating internationalism in the scholastic and co-scholastic activities of honework school. On withdrawal of student, security deposit will be refunded without interest. Due to the relentless heat of summer, the school is closing down for summer boliday for all the classes from 01 May A comprehensive annual medical check-up of each child is done by qualified doctors 5.


For problems related with fees etc.

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In case of student not joining school after taking admission, the admission fee will be forfeited. Turning up late to the school is undesirable. Avoid watching television for hours, rather spend some time to read good quality books to further enhance your vocabulary. Switch the lights off while leaving the room raipkr if it is holidaay. Educational trips for classes I and above are organised from time to time to help them get a first-hand information for their project work.

dps raipur holiday homework 17-18

It is reiterated that birthday joy shared is homewor doubled. Read school circulars, notes and remarks sent by teachers carefully in website or Almanac. Non-adherence to school rules and regulations.

S students Will give out our best. The Compartment Examination will be held after a minimum of 10 days from the result declaration day.