On their way to battle the Armenian king, the legions of the Republic received the allegiance of the Commagenian ruler, apparently all too happy to be relieved of his fealty to Tigranes. Old Theories, New Myths 45 minority a Turkish-speaking but Orthodox community, often used for many linguistic, historical and political experiments. Fighting an Ever Dying Enemy 27 the administrative facade’. The key issue here is the nature of the fictions that enable our discourse on history: However, it was the communists who, after , re-erected the monument of this bishop, who was used once again as a symbol of Yugoslavism. It is plausible, nevertheless, that this second version was composed at a time when relations between the Croatian rulers and the Byzantine court changed in favour of the Croats, whose help was once again needed in the wars against Bulgarians. History provides the only anti- dote, because it teaches constancy in the face of trials and tribulations.

These ideas need to be conveyed to the community in such ways as to be at the same time comprehensible and acceptable. That is no small example of Rodorico in virtute et honore, essendo tra lo his probity at that age: Nevertheless, even the modern Bulgarians, being ‘Tatar’ descendants are closer ‘by blood’ to the Turks and the Hungarians, than to the Serbians and the Russians. It fits in the paradigm of anti-globalism, well accepted among these social groups, which perceive themselves as victims of the rapid changes produced in recent decades. These analyses do not claim an external or neutral – and in this sense privileged – standpoint from which to reflect on historians’ and social scientists’ production of knowledge, but engage in the ongoing methodological and theoretical debates by formulating new conceptual possibilities.

He was deeply convinced that the Protobulgarian language was Turkic, belonging to the Aryo-Altaic family’. This, I believe, is the most telling evidence of the success of the propaganda programme devised by the kings of Commagene. Nikolov’s paper shows that the democratisation of historical interpretation, facilitated by the Internet, can lead to ‘parahistorical’ perspectives in which critical thinking and intellectual rigour are cast aside.

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Whenever the members of the Diet were not satisfied with their rulers, they referred to the myth about the free election, threatening that they could decide to choose another dynasty instead of the one in power. Thus, they also represented a reflection on a particular type of ‘beginning’. However, he was not entirely suitable for that purpose, since the original Jelacic fought side by side with the Serbs against the common opponent. Monarchs were maintained with the only intent of providing a formal legitimacy for the power gained by one or the other among the aristocratic groups.


In fact, the Compari- son between Caesar and Alexander shows remarkably little interest in political questions. The Italian minority in Dalmatia, often supported by the Austrian administration, opposed the ilius of uniting Dalmatia with Croatia and Slavonia.

So Antiochos,20 the king of Commagene, died, and there was dissension between the common people and the nobles. You shall now read these translations of ours, most outstanding Inigo, held up to you thus as a mirror in which you adorn your mind, so that your name joins caesat to the memory of paternal fame. Iulius Caesar, a fost guvernator al provinciei Asia.

They also justify the claim to certain rights, political or territorial. Du debut du Ier siecle av. The Soviet- Russian domination was total, at least in the beginning.

The view that modernity has to do only with the last one or two hundred years sometimes going back to the eighteenth century denies, against a considerable body of evidence, the possibility of an early history of modernity and modernisation – e.

It fits in the paradigm of anti-globalism, well accepted among these social groups, which perceive themselves as victims of the rapid changes produced in recent decades. Yet rather than enemy he was now an ally, and a deputy of Alfonso whose goodwill was to be cultivated. Visconti in turn in the summer of sent out an ambassadorial caiks to secure support against Venetian ambitions.

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Arguably, this reflects a misunderstanding of Baron, who sought to identify a collaboration between intellectuals and the political class of citizens which he believed to be unique to Florence.

In a similar vein, Neven Budak surveys the myths put forth throughout the curriulum of Croatia, from the early Middle Ages to the twentieth century Croatia between the myths of the nation state and of the common European past. Molti exempli and the greatness of his invincible spirit in poteria apponere ali ochi tuoi, se non che li adverse no less than in prosperous events. That De- cembrio so created a new prototype for the first prologue—text as well as titulus—is confirmed by the manuscript tradition.


Iranica Antiqua 29 The most influential proponent ,ui the ‘Turanian’ theory of the origin of the Proto-Bulgars was the famous linguist Stefan Mladenov. In the course of the preliminary research, the author has encountered very similar manifestations in many historiographical and ‘parahistoric’ publications, throughout the region.

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It is almost impossible to destroy myths, because they are so adjustable and there are always new impulses to give them new life. This was perceived as undignified and clashed with the anti-Turkish feelings, deeply rooted among Bulgarian intelligentsia. England and the Near East. The omission of Alexander had probably been prompted by the status of the Macedonian in the high imperial age: The enterprise is remarkable for several reasons.

Fighting an Ever Dying Enemy 27 the administrative facade’. Myth, in a narrow sense, represents a discursive mode with an explanatory role, which defines the fundamental semiological axes of a given mythology. Rodorico tuo patre, and trustworthy testimonies, and what we hear habiando el Re de Spagna guerra con lo Duca at times from you.

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It is even more interesting that today as well there are some who believe that placing Croats in the position of a nation destined to suffer for the benefit of others is a positive ideological construct, which will support Croatia’s efforts to integrate into the European Union.

Thus, one could identify some of the trends, presented in Bulgaria, such as ‘Aryan-Iranian’ theories Croatiaautochthonism Macedonia, Serbiaexceptionalism and propaganda of ‘biblical’ i.