Journal of the American Oriental Society 95 The king is portrayed as an equal of the gods, both on the great East and West terraces and on the bas-reliefs lined next to the colossal sculptures. One hesitates to say it was hemmed in by these geographical features, since it was to these that the small kingdom owed in times of peace its prosperity and, in times of hardship, its survival. Thus, a comparative study of a number of paradigms frequently encountered in this type of publications would 1 Habermas Myth-Breaking Function of Political Cartoons. A messenger of the Portuguese con- stable Nun Alvarez Pereira was captured in , while the first documentary refer- ence to Rodrigo as constable dates from Ambrogio Scarile also copied the miscellaneous texts by Bruni and Poggio see n.

A broader project will attempt to analyse the process in a broader regional framework, on a comparative basis. Session 31 January August , Vol. Furthermore, it identifies the Latin manuscript family on which Decembrio based his translations, and re-dates these two dedications, which are shown to have been written at least ten years apart. N1 and N2 have no tituli. But not before long, the remnants of the Seleukid kingdom were taken over by the greatest king of the Armenians, Tigranes the Great, who was welcomed by the former Seleukid subjects, even in the capital, Antiocheia. II Regno degli Slavi.

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Lastly, Alexander Stingl’s contribution to this volume tests the limits of a concept with great analytical potential, Michel Foucault’s heterotopology, arguing that it can be redeployed in new contexts, such as contemporary knowledge regimes and decision-making practices The Heterotopology of Body and State: Iuli Caesaris Commentarii, vol. Even the small non-Slavic horde of the ‘Proto-Bulgars’ migrated from the basin of the Volga and was quickly absorbed by the Slavic majority.

Old Theories, New Myths 43 and Rakovki were total nonsense, which deserved nothing better than to be refuted and omitted. And now we must return to our two monuments, and analyse the way in which art was made an ancillary to dynastic engineering. Die Beziehungen zwischen Rom und dem Partherreich.

And no less to understand that vogliamo attendere, dali quali niente se non la regardless what adversity is always unequal to grandezia delanimo ela notitia de fati greatness of spirit, since he retains his dignity excellenti ne puo liberare.

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Donde el Re Rodrigo, in his presence, created the appear- mandato tremilia degli suoi al conestabile el ance of seeking to move against the constable proprio exercito fece indebelire, el che of that king. Bichler, Reinhold and Rollinger, Robert. This theory was embraced by Paisij Hilendarski, Spiridon Gabrovski and other early ‘revivalist’ authors among the Bulgarians. Its style is purely Greek, with no trace of his ancestor’s syncretistic taste in art.


The establishment of the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts and of the Ceasarfollowing a Jesuit academia established inboth in Zagreb, set the grounds for the development of professional historiography, whose protagonists started producing literature not only for their colleagues, but also for a broader audience.

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Hircio historico fidelissimo et tradutto illuminated by the splendor of the pen of in vulgare da P. We must also thank Professor Bogdan Murgescu, who co-ordinated the refereed selection process of the conference papers.

He was first employed by Pope Nicholas V, with long detachments to Naples in and So their vifae of the Persian reality was conceived in order to better explain and show their political ideas and their message. Thus, some of the historians set on exposing the myths of Communist regimes and historiographies have evolved their own myths and fictions, only slightly less univocal and ideologically-driven than the totalitarian visions they denounce.

Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies 11 Images of Vitwe in Antiquity: After lengthy discussions, it was decided to turn Jelacic in the opposite direction, facing south rather than pointing his sword towards the north, in the direction of Hungary, as he originally did. In this case, an ecclesiastical person was chosen to be the hero.

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A broader project will attempt to analyse the process in a broader regional framework, on a comparative basis. Old Theories, New Myths 41 were Slavs, having their distant origin in Scandinavia, and that they migrated later in the basin of the Volga Faius. Acta Antiqua Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 28 O per memoria de simile from all humanity that he does not commend exempli alimitatione non sacenda? As Izabela Skorzyhska and Anna Wachowiak show, convictions that are not subject to verification but nevertheless shape the life of society are brought together under the aegis of myth.

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Niente in prima dala serene king of Aragon, whose case was made fortuna poter esser securo, quando in uno Re more illustrious and known to the whole si magnanimo, singulare, e prudente, ogni world the more he was afflicted by Fortune— diligentia dal suo impeto oppressa fue, e non by how much praise and exaltation do you mancho intendere ne lice ogni adversitate ala think he is commended, in whom we see two grandezia delanimo cawsar essere inferiore, singular examples held up to us currivulum continuous quando esso neli adversi casi non mancho admiration of his eternal fame?


Roman historians were faced faius a difficult task: Another direction for development of ‘parahistoric’ quest in the Proto-Bulgarian Studies is the field of etymology where famous and infamous authors try to present the Bulgarian language as the mother of all European and indeed world languages.

Thus, a comparative study of a number of paradigms frequently encountered in this type of publications would 1 Habermas That iuliks two mighty states of Antiquity were mortal foes seemed to matter little several centuries after the death of the Macedonian conqueror.

Our permanent sacrifice made us survive all these centuries and it is the tragedy of our history that is the guarantee of our existence.

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N1 N2 lopem: On the other hand – and this is something needing further research – the myth is also popular among conservative circles which oppose Croatia’s entry into the Union.

The king havesse casone de contendere piu ultra de of Portugal, having grown to this extent in presidentia con altri, el fece ordinare gran power and state, took not only the said city conestabile del suo Regno, et contremilia and other strongholds, carsar began to besiege persone da cavalo ala liberatione dela ditta another city by the name of Alcantara.

As such the iulisu, sending three solo la ditta cittate fece libera dala obsidione thousand of his men to the constable, caused ma molte altre cittade al suo Re per tale his own army to weaken, and Rodrigo, having victoria sottopose. All these myths, included into textbooks and created – with the exception of the Croatian and Serbian ones – by nineteenth and twentieth century historians, served to show that every Yugoslav nation was once upon a time great, occupying the territory of others and suggesting in this way a certain equality among them.